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EXACTLY a year ago, I kick-started my column by saying that 2015 was a year of uncertainties. As it turned out, it was a rough year for all. The outlook for 2016 looks set to continue along the same veins, except it would be … a lot tougher.

Let’s look at the facts.

On the macro level, the world stage looks set for some gloomy outcomes in the next couple of months as crude oil prices continue to head south with no signs of abating. This could potentially signal another round of job cuts for all those in the industry and those related to it.

Meanwhile, China, plagued by persistent slow growth, has left the market reeling over the steep drop early this year.

On the local front, we are faced with Moody’s revision of our sovereign rating outlook, further hikes in cost of living due to subsidy cuts, and an unfavourable exchange rate with the ringgit at its worst performance against the US dollar.

Against such a backdrop of negative news, one can’t help but wonder how investors, let alone anyone, will be able to make any inroads to grow wealth.

But grow we must. Here’s how:

The key to doing well financially in 2016 is to focus your attention on areas within your personal influence, which is your personal financial situation. Refrain from paying too much attention to all the negative macro economy news which is outside your personal influence as it may derail you from doing what actually matters.

By following these eight guidelines, you should be able to get your personal finances in order and capitalise on any emerging opportunities that the year brings with it.

Eight money optimisation strategies

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