The most important word in the Internet Marketers language is TRAFFIC.

You carefully craft a document that is full of information put your keyboard away and hope that traffic will stream into your site. Then nothing happens. Very much like the old film of years gone by `Build it and they will come` and they didn’t.

You see, we are not a brick and mortar business. They build their premises where they know there is traffic so when they open their doors full of attractive items they will get footfall. Maybe slow at first but as more people notice where they are and see people already on the premises looking and buying the traffic will grow.

You build your business with just as much love and enthusiasm but when you open your doors there may be nothing. Yet, whereas your brick and mortar guy relies on the local traffic for their business there are 3.9 BILLION people searching Google, around the globe, every day.

So are you missing a trick? Well maybe you are. Perhaps it is time for you to look backwards. Now that has to be different from my usual advice of always looking forward.

Here are three simple steps that will increase your traffic.

Your existing content. I know that all the content you put on your site is carefully crafted to attract traffic.

You use keywords, phrases and SEO.

Take a look your content through Google Analytics are there any keywords that attract more visitors than the rest. Have you achieved page one for a keyword? If not which of your keywords ranks the highest. Type that keyword into Google and go right down to the bottom of the page and you will find what Googles refers to as Searches related to (Your Keyword). There are usually 8 entries. now go back to your chosen article and insert these searches related to your keyword into your content.   Have a look at your headline while you are there can it be changed?

Now re-launch your article and the people who searched on the terms Google show as related terms could well visit your content.

Easy? But it works go on try it.

Revamp and relaunch. Again look back at your content which article has been shared the most? Read through it carefully and revamp it according to the increase in your knowledge since you first posted it to your site.

You do not have to rewrite it, maybe rephrase parts to make them clearer and perhaps easier to understand.Even rewrite your headline to bring it up to date. If you get stuck on your headline creation have a look at this site

I have no connection but have used it many times in the past. Relaunch your article by changing the published date to the date you made your changes. I actually would put some indicators such as edited from original version date to draw attention that it has been changed your existing visitors who may have read the old version will return to see what updates you have made.

Content Transformation. Again take the most shared content of your site and refashion it say into a YouTube video. You already have great content just ready to make a great video. If you do not like to be in front of the camera you can make a slide show and turn it into video or visit here

If you have a group of articles on the same theme why not group them and form them into a kindle book. You can even give it away free as long as you remember to interlace your URL, keywords and phrases throughout.

If, you want to give your Kindle book away to as many readers as possible there are a couple of ways  via Amazon :

  1. If you issue your book exclusive to Amazon (Kindle Unlimited) you can set up to 5 days free for every 90 days. You would then simply send the link to people on your email list, or advertise it via any of the many newsletter services out there, e.g., eReader News Today, Kindle Books and Tips, and Fussy Librarian.
  2. If you through many platforms (e.g., Apple, Kobo) make your book free on those platforms, which is simple in their dashboards. Amazon will usually pick up your links up as they monitor all KDP book titles automatically and price match. If they haven’t price matched within 48 hours, drop them a note via your KDP dashboard “help” section and let them know. Be polite. Something along the lines of, “I have made novel [state name and ASIN code] free on Apple and Kobo. Here are the links [list links]. I understand Amazon reserves the final decision on price matching decisions, but I would appreciate you considering matching this price. Yours… etc” They will usually price match to zero.

So you can utilise your previous work to attract new footfall to your site. Remember to use a piece of software to capture the emails of your visitors. Better still. Give them something for visiting your site and use that as start of a new sales funnel.

Sales Funnel? Hmmm! I will talk about that in a later entry.



Please share this with your friends and colleagues thank you