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Elsewhere on this site I tried to calm your fears. I said there was a common rumour that the Internet was full. You would be unable to run a one-person home locations business.

Here is a way that you and your clients can do just that.

Introducing, Google+ Local (version was known as Google places).

In launching the system Google declared two purposes:-

  1. To help businesses increase their online visibility and search result
  2. To aid searchers find and review a company in their local area.
  3. It has produced what has proven to be the most comprehensive and interactive business content in the world.

Any business can register an account to be included. The unique news is that service is free. Just try searching on Google for any type of business in various locations to see how powerful this unique service can be.

Use Google to browse for builders (+ your local area), or hair dressers; dentists; gyms; photographers; florists. Now you can see how powerful this can be for your business and promoting to clients even giving driving directions.

A search will feature up to seven local businesses whenever a searches could have a local identity. Not just listed but also featured on maps of the locations for their business address.

The searchers are presented with:

  1. The business address and phone number for the business
  2. A link to the location of the business on a map
  3. A link to the website of that business or LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter sources.
  4. A section for some photographs of the business
  5. Maybe a video of the business
  6. A link to the reviews left by customers of the business.
  7. A listing at the top or near the top of Google’s search results.

Can you see why you should create an option for your business, regardless of size on this unique platform which is free?

I am sure that you can also recognise a business opportunity. Are there businesses in locations near you that could benefit by appearing on a platform such as this for a small charge if you do the work?

Some questions to ask yourself and your potential clients:

  1. Do you want access to more people?
  2. Do you want to feature on the top page of Google?
  3. Do you want to include mobile users in your reach?
  4. Do you want to engage with your customers?

Access to more people with Google Local

Google is the largest search engine on the Internet by far. More people turn to Google when looking for goods and services than any other search vehicle. Hard copy Yellow Pages is a diminishing market.

Look at your local area yellow pages and identify businesses that still advertise in their pages. If they do not take advantage of the Google+ Local Directory which is free you can offer to create a page for them.

Question for prospective client.

    1. Do you want to get your business in front of more people for xx% of what you spend for Yellow Pages?
    2. Do you want to feature on the first page of Google?

It takes a great deal of work to get a website listed on the first page of Google especially in very competitive sectors.

Before Google+Local, a Webster had to be involved in the whole gambit of marketing. Keyword research, article marketing, and search engine optimisation.

Today, a business can complete their details for a Google+ Local page. Almost immediately featuring at or near the top of the first page of Google.

Do you want to attract mobile users?

In 2014 the tipping point was reached. The number of mobile device users exceeded the laptop PC users when accessing the Internet.

This is why it is critical for a business to design their website considering the mobile device user. Google+ Local does this automatically.

Google reports on Google Insights that more Brits are connected than ever before. Smartphones have become a part of their lives. This web page contains some fascinating facts.

How people access the Internet in the UK

  • 75% by PC/LapTop
  • 92% by mobile phone
  • 51% by Tablet
  • 41% by Smart TV
  • 4% by other devices including games consoles.

Engaging with your customer with Google Local

Google+ Local pages give a business owner the opportunity of engaging with their customers.

This levels the playing field. Even the smallest of businesses can succeed by immediately responding to customers buying needs.

For all the above reasons and because the platform is free to set up and use you and your clients should start using Google Local immediately.

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