What is WEB Development?

web development
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“Web Development is a phrase for setting up and maintaining your website for publishing to the Internet. It covers all the technologies involved.
Gone are the days when you could build a simple website page; upload it to the Internet and expect it to viewed by thousands of users”.







What is Web Development?

Today web development is experiencing an exponential growth. Companies wishing to sell their goods and services to online prospects use sophisticated websites.

It may be understandable that you think there is no room for the individual working on a home based business? The answer is a resounding ‘NO – there is room’ for you and anyone else who wants the excitement of creating an extra income.

The web today has countless applications to aid a web development enthusiast.

You can improve your skill by using the unlimited access to content that is freely available. Giving you the chance to compete with major businesses.

There is no need to buy into expensive programmes. So much valuable information is available free of charge.

I should point out that there is a misunderstanding between the terms Web Designer and Web Developer. They are not the same this is my understanding of the difference.


A Web Designer:-


web development
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  1. Concentrates on how a website looks and appeals to the visitor.
  2. They use programming languages such as HTML or CSS and to a lesser degree today JavaScript.
  3. They have skills in the use of colour and graphic design
  4. They develop user experience and communication
  5. They have artistic flair and imagination.


A Web Developer

web development

  1. Creates the inner workings of the website such as content management systems
  2. They use the languages of PHP; Python; C or Ruby technologies as they do their mother-tongue.
  3. They develop the user interface that makes everything work.
  4. They are more inclined to be fundamental technical problem solvers.

I did say that outside of the professionals there is still room for the one-man-business. They know a little about a lot and what they do not know they can find out using web applications.


Today you have access to content up to University degree level

Most of which you can download free of charge. You can specialise or generalise as fits your interest.

You can build a profitable website from your kitchen table using the easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools.

It is true that at one-time web development was the world of major corporations. Today it is the framework for places such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as every other part of Social Marketing. These social network sites provide a platform to communicate directly with the public.

Web development covers every aspect of the marketing mix. Pay-per-click advertising; email, video and article marketing play a role in web development. A website just cannot succeed unless all these available tools play a part in its development. Another major skill is search engine optimisation (SEO)

Top Secret File by licensed under CC
Top Secret File by licensed under CC


It is advisable to start building your website in draft form before launching it. This website did not launch until I developed the framework and articles that I believed would be of greatest help to you.

During that time, I had unlimited access to content, technology and the Internet University. I drew information from my own notes and from across the Internet for the content you have before you. I believe and trust you also believe that this website will help you launch or develop an existing business.

I had a great deal of help from experienced individuals in my early years. This site helps me make some of that information available to you, with no thought of reward, while sharing web development content.


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