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Website Traffic in the beginning

The new entrepreneur in Internet Marketing businesses finds that building a website today can be a great deal of fun. It is amazing the different styles you can generate using one of the many web building software tools that are available. My favourite for certain types of site is by generating a custom responsive WordPress site.

It is free of cost and has hundreds of plugin categories developed by its users.

The result is to generate not just a colourful and eye pleasing website but one that has interactive features for the user.

I would suggest that if you are new to digital marketing and building a webpage this is the route you should follow.

A development tool like Dreamweaver would be ideal for your web development, if you understand coding.

Building a website around your favourite hobby that produces an income is satisfying as well as rewarding..

Developing your pages to earn you a little extra money can give you a sense of real success. Earning extra cash makes it also easier to maintain your enthusiasm.

It is worth while carrying out a search, of your keyword, just to see how many businesses in your niche exist on the web and the sort of website traffic they attract.

Getting your website developed and established includes developing content management systems. By developing a strategy you will create more sites that help towards an income for the extra security and luxuries in life.

By creating quality content filled pages your income will increase. Soon your income can provide an opportunity to generate a full-time sustainable income.

If you are not too sure how to find sites related to your niche areas type into your search engine navigation toolbar the title of your hobby.

For example, say I am interested in building model boats. Typing build model boats into your search engine you will find 4,560,000 entries. Do not worry if your hobby brings up a similar number our aim is to show you how to discover your real competitors.

Then, how using the analytics of great keyword research gets your keywords and keyword phrases onto the first page of Google.

So down to website development, there are three steps that you must follow for success they are:

  1. Driving responsive website traffic
  2. Finding Ways to improve and monetize results
  3. Optimizing and content management analysis

You will find these three steps in articles on this site starting with the one below. Clicking on the title of the other two features takes you to their instructive reports.

Step One – Driving Responsive Website Traffic

This first step is the most important strategy for your Internet business – website traffic.

It is a common held belief in some quarters that you only have to design a fancy WordPress website and post it to the Internet to attract website traffic. The expectation that massive traffic from search engines will come to the site are soon dashed when statistics show – no one comes. If only it were that easy.

Today, there are over one billion registered websites, each with on average three pages. To be precise each page has a different URL (Uniform Source Locator). Say I register as a domain name (URL) that could be my home page. If I add an ‘about us page’ that would be”.

That page has to fight its own battle to get recognised and indexed by the search engines. A web site is not a group of pages glued together like a book. Visitors do not necessarily arrive at the home page and work their way through the site page by page. You may design your website so that the navigation of each page follows the previous page but it does not work that way.

One way to describe it is to imagine you are reading a book, instead of the pages being bound together there is a page in each room of your house. It would depend on which room you first visited what page you would find.

This is why the URL is different for each page. In our example the source page is If I go into the room and find I can find the source page by looking at the URL for this page, the link for the site. I will show you how to link your pages later to enable your visitors to find each page of your site.

I hope you can now see that creating a page, no matter how fanciful will not make it easy to find in the vastness of the Internet.

There must be another way to attract website traffic

There are a few.

If you want immediate visitors (traffic), you can advertise your site. Using Facebook; Twitter; Yahoo Advertising or Google Advertising. A search engine visitor clicks on your advert and your site appears; this is called pay-per-click. The negative of this method is if you create a poor advert you will get no clicks and no visitors. Also, this traffic is governed by the placing of your advert and paying enough per click. Your advert needs to be at or near the top of the adverts on the search engines first page. This can prove to be expensive especially for the inexperienced Webster.

You may have heard the term that ‘Content is King’. Who do you think Google and other search engines devote their time to?

You or their visitor?

They do not care if your website is fancy or plain, it must do one thing and one thing only. It must provide an answer to the question that their visitor typed into the search box/line.

Many years ago when I started an easy way of attracting the search engines visitors was to pack your web page with keywords. Some sites wrote masses of keywords and phrases in the same colour as the page background. The visitor did not see them but the search engine spiders did and rewarded the site with a good ranking. The visitor may not have their query answered to their satisfaction.

Google led the way with a new algorithm that discounted the volume of keywords the spiders found. The algorithm enabled the spiders to read full phrases on the site to ensure the site content answered the query of the visitor.

Some Webster’s again tried to cheat the Search Engines by building pages around one keyword or phrase, repeating them many times.

Google responded by creating an algorithm that looked for words that flowed around the subject (Latent Semantic Indexing [LSI]).

Think of it this way, if you had a conversation with a friend about going to a football match. How many times would you say ‘football match’, in that conversation?

You would use words relating to a football match. Anyone could join your conversation and know what you were discussing.

Content is not about quantity, it is all about quality. I should be able to read your content and understand what you are discussing. Another point is that every page should not be a direct sales page; I will cover this in-depth later.

Writing quality content is the only way to attract consistent and sustainable traffic to your website. Over the years it is worth all the effort you put in at the beginning to make your content valuable to the reader.

Google and all the other search engines are only interested in their visitors who want their queries answered. You should never serve substandard content to the search engines customers.

You will be rewarded by the number of visitors who return to your site, which is the window to your business.

This is the first stage to help you create your own website

As the great Dan S. Kennedy says, “Your Company’s website should be a place of vast (current) information. But first and foremost, it should represent who you are and what you do.”

So often I see websites that are more like static brochures than dynamic, personality-driven, multimedia websites. I wonder how they ever attract great website traffic.


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