Mobile Friendly Website Why is it Important?

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Is your site mobile friendly?

There is a significant number of searchers now accessing their diet of websites on mobile devices. Bad news the team at Google have tinkered with their algorithms.

If your site is not mobile friendly. That is a site with a responsive design, then sorry expect your Google ranking to go down even if your information content is A1.

Mobile friendliness determines your Google ranking on their search results page. Mobile optimised sites experience high search results.

You use the google site mobile friendly test by clicking on Am I Mobile Friendly

Thousands of searchers using their mobile devices have a good argument. Why should they suffer misshapen graphics because they prefer to leave the desktop at home and use a smart phone, or tablet.

This may not appear on the surface to be a major event with catastrophic consequences. It is a sign that Google could tinker yet again in the future. You cannot escape. If you use Microsoft or Bing as your preferred search engine they also favour those sites that are mobile friendly.

A mobile friendly site means more traffic

It is good practice to ensure that your marketing site is available to as many people as possible. By ensuring that they can experience your pages no matter which medium they select as their preferred method.

To optimize your site is not the most difficult exercise in the world. So ensure that you comply by spending time to make your site mobile friendly.

There are services that ensure your site shares a mobile friendly experience.

Is your site mobile friendly – how to check

There is an easy way to check if your growing marketing site is mobile friendly. Click on Mobile friendliness test. Enter the information of your site and after a brief time you hope to see “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.” You can also Google webmaster tools to check that your site is a mobile friendly website.

Don’t panic if you do not experience that message, all is not lost. The test will give an insight to the problems. These could be that your text is too small, the buttons are too close together, that images are too large, etc. Google will also provide tips how to put them right.

It is your lucky day if you have used responsive design tools in resources such as WordPress; Joomla or Drupal or some other CMS system. They will have plugins or add-ons to make your site mobile friendly. Even sometimes it is important just making sure you update to have the latest version of their software proves enough.

What if even though you have the latest version installed, your site is still not mobile-friendly? It could be your choice of theme.

Install one of the basic themes for the CMS you are using and check if that is mobile friendly, if it is, the theme you are using is the cause. Most themes have a forum or at least a contact you can email so you can research your questions.

What to do if you coded your site from scratch

If you coded your site from scratch. Sometimes the best answer is to create a new optimised site that is responsive according to the device that is viewing it. This is Google’s preferred method of site building. Yet, it could mean a complete overhaul of your site and that means work.

There is another option you could build a second site and cross-link it with your first site. One site for users of computers the other a mobile friendly website.

A benefit of building an optimised for mobile site is that you can build it to suit your audience. Users of mobile devices have different priorities from those who sit in front of a static desktop screen.

If you do build a mobile only site you need to consider that people will be using touch screens to tap your buttons and links.

An important point is that users of mobile devices do not have the same Internet data speed as do those on a desktop. In this case you need to ensure that your images are a sensible size and that your data is set up for speed. Again there are website builders available on the Internet that help you do this. You can try DUDA; Bright Express or Allwebcodesign. I do not have links with any of these products so please carry out your own research.
One thing you will know you will find you will have happy visitors when your site is mobile friendly.

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