cloud computing

Cloud Computing applications is to some a mysterious management term. Does it mean your favourite files, email, music and photographs are on white fluffy balls of cotton wool in the sky?

Trouble is today you can only access some programmes from these mysterious cloud services. There are such terms as Google cloud drive; Amazon cloud; Microsoft cloud.

Just what is cloud computing?

Is there a simple cloud computing definition?

Is it beneficial?

What are the features to consider?

How does it function?

Or, is it just some way for large organisations to gather information about you so they can sell it on to their advertisers.

I will try to put this in as simple a format as I can when describing virtual services for you to consider.

Cloud computing or cloud storage has been around for quite a while, but it is not used by every market as a service.

Does it offer reliable and secure services? You are entrusting your data such as documents; email, photographs, music, etc.

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