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Market on the Internet?

There are some essential qualities required before you start.
Before answering your question as to whether you should uncover that technology and any special tools to enable you to research and be effective online as you market on the Internet let me ask you which of these three personality types most reflects your own?

  1. First those individuals who cause things to happen; they see an opportunity and grasp it with both hands. If there are errors they point a finger and find that there are three fingers pointing back so they take responsibility for anything that went wrong and seek ways to put it right! Just as those same three fingers point back acclaiming who is responsible when things go right.
  2. Secondly there are those individuals who respond to things that happen. If things go wrong they merge into a crowd to seek privacy and anonymity seeking to blame anyone else for the errors; even the government. They also blend into the background rather than stepping forward when volunteers are asked for. When things go right they are in the foreground of the promotional photo hoping they will be seen and linked with the successful image of the achievement wishing to show that they are in contact with the popular leaders.
  3. The third type of individual blends into the background, is never successful at effective research or building a network strategy, but turns to a colleague and says out loud – “what happened?” They are neither followers nor leaders, they are not popular, give no support where it is needed but expect the support of others and usually want things on their terms.

Which personality type best to market on the internet

So, which of these would be the best to market on the Internet as an affiliate, and believe me to give an answer you have to be brutally honest with yourself, remember no matter which you select your inner conscience will know your strategy and that you are lying! It is very much like going round a golf course on your own, no one sees those bad shots but if you do not record them onto your score chart your inner self knows your true score.

If you fit into the first type of personality above, you may not have the essential skills required to market on the Internet however, you are more able to acquire the necessary skills in order to do so. You will be driven to succeed even when things appear to be going wrong and when for every step forward you take two back you will draw on your effective reserves to get back on track. You will have experienced some success in your life or career to date; you will more than likely have found yourself being popular and being accepted as a leader rather than a follower. You do not look through rose tinted spectacles but you see obstacles as opportunities to learn and develop your skill

If you decide to market on the Internet as an affiliate marketer you will recognise any sign on the merchants website or blog that could be improved, perhaps with available technology, special tools or improving customer services, and set about building a landing page your way in order to send highly qualified leads to the merchants site.

One of the possible weak links in the affiliate programme is the requirement to send a network of qualified prospects to the merchant’s sales page. This could have a negative effect on your ability to produce an income if their sales page fails to convert your qualified prospects into buyers. There is nothing preventing you from approaching the merchant sending them a copy of your landing page and asking if your qualified leads could be directly linked to their ordering page by-passing their sales page. It is in the interest of both parties to increase conversions and if they are an honest merchant more often than not they will provide you with a link to their order form.

You will recall that I stated that those who have personalities reflected by the second type: – “These are the followers not leaders, however followers can play a vital role” may be a little confused as to why I have said this when surely only individuals of the first type of personality can succeed. The best way I can illustrate this is to tell you of my experience as a Sales manager for a large commission based sales force here in the UK. In that sales force I would say that the top 20% had type one personalities, in other words they drove their own furrow. 65% had type two personalities and where they succeeded quietly almost in the background they responded to direct training and instructions. They followed the instructions to the letter and were successful in their efforts.

If you are a type two personality look for an affiliate scheme that gives you instructions and will guide you on how to promote the merchants products, perhaps giving you guidance on the type and content of emails and advertising you can use. Ask them questions, read their terms and conditions carefully, remember it is in their interest to help you sell their products. The only stupid question is the question you never ask. The merchant probably had the self-same questions that you have now. You will find an abundance of affiliate marketing opportunities through Click Bank; Commission Junction; Amazon Associates and many others.

If they fail to answer look for another merchant to promote who will answer your questions. I recommend you join the warrior forum or some other forum where you can enter discussions and get guidance. These guys know they also were at the start of their marketing on the Internet careers and are prepared to give you a leg up to get you started and you can find good affiliate schemes on such forums. One other thing that you must check when considering the website of the merchant and your own landing page is that following the latest Google Algorithm they must be ready to appear correctly on a mobile, if not you page will be not appear near the top of Google ratings.

Is Affiliate Marketing the best way to market on the Internet?

Although selling through affiliate marketing is the ideal home business for your launch your effort to market on the Internet one word of warning you may think there are no deadlines to meet, unless you develop deadlines and self-discipline you will fall quickly into personality type three and that is where you do not want to be.
So what else do you require to become successful marketing on the Internet?

You need a desire to learn. You have to accept that regardless of your background the Internet is a different animal and you must develop a willingness to listen and be trained. There is no need to spend a fortune on training courses, such as search engine optimisation or the use of social media, which are sold across internet marketing. There is an abundance of information available without cost. Type a question you have into Google and up pop the links where you can find the answer. This is how most of the high earning affiliate marketers became experts in the industry. It is the best university available and you will quickly gain an MBA level of education if you have self-discipline and apply yourself to listen and learn. The only thing I would warn you against is catching the disease ‘Analysis Paralysis’ and information overload.

The next thing you need is the determination to devote time and effort into your new business to market on the Internet. Despite all the get rich schemes that will invade your email in-box there is no such thing as a silver bullet, devoting time and effort and turning the proverbial blind eye to these soothsayers and their way out schemes will enable you to build a successful sustainable business that will secure your future for the years ahead.

You will probably have guessed that you will also need unwavering determination as you see to market on the Internet. Before you set off on any journey you need to know where you want to go. Building a successful and sustainable business is exactly the same you need to know where you want to go. I used to ask my sales people what they wanted to earn, you can bet your bottom dollar that a large number would answer a Million. Those that said this were somewhat knocked back on their heels when I replied, “Sure Why Not”. That was until I asked the killer question – “WHY?” No matter what goal you may set for yourself you must ask yourself why you want to do whatever it is you have said you want. I should say those salespeople who said they want a million could not tell me why in sufficient detail that I said OK let’s do it. One of your goals could well be to replace your present 9-5 income, if I asked why you could easily illustrate why you needed that amount your bills came to at least that now and they would still have to be paid.

I used to carry out a lot of sales training and some would say motivational speaking, however I will give you the secret behind any motivational speaker you may ever here – Whatever you say you want to achieve something always ask your self – WHY – when you can give a detailed answer to that question you are 75% of the way in achieving the goal you have set. (So I have saved you a lot of money in as much you can be your own motivational speaker).

I always quote the late great Sir Winston Churchill, being invited to the Oxford Union who on to speak on the motivation he had during the second world war, looked at his audience and said “Never Give Up; Never Give Up; Never Give Up; Never Give Up; Never Give Up; Never Give Up; Never Give Up; Never Give Up; Never Give Up” and sat down. The message is clear for you in the face of any obstacle remember that great speech from Winston Churchill – Never give up.


You may know the song from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”; Always look on the bright side of life.

You have to develop a strong positive personality everything will not go smoothly, there will be many ups and downs but you must develop the habit when things are looking grey and the rain is falling on your parade think of the good times you have experienced. Think why you are doing what you are doing, what is it you want to achieve; I will allow you time to do a bit of day-dreaming here see yourself as you will be when you achieve that goal. What will it mean to you and your family? You are striving to make things better for yourself and everyone else who matters to you.

They look to you as their role model, you are in control of your own destiny, and it is your desire for success that will keep you going through those darker days. You mental attitude is the key to that success that enables you to market on the Internet.

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