Will Your Internet Business Make You Money in 2016?

internet business
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Internet Business– Are You Ready?

Information Marketing News draws on 20 years’ experience running various commerce Internet Businesses. These included helping a European Charity gain greatest exposure throughout the European Market.

Each page of this site reflects part of that experience. Promoting mobile ready websites; services and products and my own eBooks. The aim is to help you avoid the mistakes I made over those 20 years while you build and manage a sustainable internet home business.

Do you have an idea for an internet business?

Do you wonder if your idea will produce an income and you will be the next Internet entrepreneur? Perhaps, to replace your present 9-5 job. I will show you how to find out before you spend any of you finances.

Is the Internet still growing?

Is there room for your Internet Business?
The first start-up website went live in 1991 by the end of 2014 there were one billion websites!

This may seem like an obvious thing to say, however – the internet is growing! Some fun statistics can be seen below.

Every day there are more than a billion searches on Google for information (Google data, Sept 2010)
200m mobile clips are streamed on YouTube every day (YouTube Blog, January 2011)
There were 107 trillion emails sent on the Internet in 2010 (royal.pingdom.com, January 2011)
Global advertising spending in measured media is expected to exceed $500 billion for the first time ever in 2011 (GroupM, December 2010)

Worldwide Internet traffic grew 62% in 2010 (TeleGeography’s Global Internet Geography, Oct 2010)
7 out of 10 people (71%) in the developed world are online (International Telecommunications Union, Oct 2010)
Globally, 47 billion Instant Messages are sent every day (royal.pingdom.com, April 2010)
Facebook has more than 500 million active users. More than 500 million active users (Facebook statistics)
140 million. The average number of Tweets people sent per day (twitter blog)
reproduced from Web Analytics World

internet business
The Internet Main Links
photo by pixabay.com license under CC-BY

There are 1.3 zettabytes of data service transported between computer networks around the globe with 90% under water. By 2020, that figure will rise to 40 zettabytes. A zettabyte is equal to about two hundred and fifty billion DVDs. Sorry to give you a headache. I think you will see that yes there is room for your new internet business, but you need to develop the skill set to get on the first page of Google. That is what this site is all about – getting you there.

What you will discover to help your internet business

You will find tips; plans and articles to help make any existing business grow.

Look around you at particular successful people you know. They can be in a relationship, employees or business owners.

They have one thing in common, they are happy doing what they are doing and they love doing what they do.

I have learned a great deal from meeting and talking to successful affiliates who provide a service or product. Their experiences will support what you should do.

Are you reading this page because:-

  1. you are starting an Internet business?
  2. you are developing an existing Internet business?

If this is your first venture or you have an online business and want to grow that business the content on this site will help you.

I have never in my years of business ever come across a happy successful person who disliked, even hated, what they were doing.

Successful people market their internet business ideas, demanding as they are, in a positive way.

There are individuals who have jobs, in a company or business, they do not enjoy. As a result, most fail to find happiness and success in those jobs.

Isn’t it true that if you love what you are working at you develop the skills it requires to become good at it?

You may have found yourself in a job or be the owner of a low-income producing website or blog which is not your ideal. But, every one of us can choose to start a new business system today. Indeed, most people have this opportunity to find a solution more times that they realise.

So what holds us back from a successful Internet business program?

There are too many aspects to comment on them all here. You are an individual. You are affected by different social influences from parents; teachers; peer groups; employers and the expectations of others, etc.

This whole complicated network of opinions accounts for the habits that brand you.

When deciding on a model career or online business to follow, you need to take a long honest look at your personal life. Go back to basics and ask yourself what is it that you enjoy doing?

The focus of this site is to discuss how to help you build or improve and manage the strategy for an Internet business.

When you have decided your main interest, go online, and enter the word or phrase into Google to see if anyone else has the same Internet business idea. If there is check what they are doing to make money on-line. You will discover how to do this later.

How to check your Internet Business Idea

For example, you may have an interest in Craft Jewellery and wondered how competitive that would be? Is there enough room for you to contact enough customers for your business idea to make you money? Remember business competition is fertile; if there is no competition there is no profit.

For example, enter Craft Jewellery into Google. You will get – About 19,300,000 results; including entries from Amazon; Wonderpedia; Commission Junction, etc.

Does this mean that your chosen market must be too competitive? You have asked Google to search for Craft Jewellery in any order. Sites can mention one or both of the words but not necessarily together. Most of those listed may have mentioned Craft Jewellery somewhere in their content but not as a product they market.

Put, “allintitle:” (without the quotes), before your keyword. Google will restrict results to those containing all the query terms in their title.

For example, [allintitle: “craft jewellery”] returns only sites that contain the words “craft jewellery” in their title and in that order.

This gives a better view of competition that has optimised their sites for “craft jewellery”. The total reduces to about 5,740 results these are your true competition.

Now you can go ahead structuring your new online business. Basing it on something you love doing, have a great deal of knowledge about and have a guide about who your main competitors are.

The above article will enable you build a successful business. Based around your hobbies and interests. In doing so, even when things slow down or go wrong, you will be able to maintain your passion for your Internet Business.

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