Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam?


What do you know about Affiliate Marketing?

This is the question asked by many new individuals who have decided to try to earn a living from Internet companies.

There are so many website advertisers offering an affiliate scheme that it is hard to identify what is and what is not a scam. Especially when there are schemes that offer commission for introducing people below you. Is that a pyramid scheme?

The first thing you should note is that genuine affiliate schemes will not have a fee to join the program. The only money involved is when they send you commission for your sales.

For example: even with those schemes that offer a commission payment for introductions. You should only get commission on the sales of your introduction not part of any fee they paid to join the scheme.

So watch out if a scheme is asking you for a payment up-front for their ‘Affiliates Scheme’. Even those that provide a ‘Website’ as part of their package. Which is usually a template shared by everyone who joins. You will also have to pay for an extra hosting fee. Click onto another site and do not return. A true affiliate program never charges a ‘Fee’.

If a true affiliate scheme never charges a fee surely there could never be a scam scheme.

Sorry but you are incorrect if you are thinking this.

Even in this age of advanced technology there is no magic bullet when trying to making an online income. The trouble is there are so many people attracted by the copywriting skills of the sharks in this industry. They promise that you can generate untold wealth, fancy cars and luxurious holidays without the need to work. ‘Just follow what I do’ is normally the pitch. They post countless recommendations from, what would appear to be, ordinary people. These so called ordinary people have experienced total success without much effort.

Affiliate marketing is much like taking a degree in education. Both are legitimate, both can bring success. Both need a lot of work and commitment. If you do work hard the riches will come together with anything you want in life.

I do not want to come too heavy on the scams that are there. Neither do I want to decry some of the courses that are available, some are good. But in my experience they are few and far between. One of the wonderful things about the Internet is there is a fountain of knowledge and experience available free of cost.

Companies and individuals share their knowledge freely. Although some do offer added value services at a cost.

Are Information Marketing Affiliate Schemes open to a scam

One of the main areas where you find scams is in the Information Marketing programs. So many people buy into the ‘Secret the Guru’s would never reveal’. So if they would never reveal it how is it promoted?

There are tools, systems, countless E-books available. All promising to show you the fast track to hidden generate wealth.

If a salesman called advertising a miracle product. Say one that allowed you to lose 6 stone in weight in one month without exercise, you would laugh. Yet if the same salesman offered you a scheme to earn one thousand pounds in thirty days with little work why would you even consider it? Yet so many people fall for the trap because they ‘want to believe’ it is possible.

Usually as I said before their sites display testimonies and photographs of commission cheques. The cheques are usually a product of Photoshop.

Do you remember reading about the Gold Rush in the western USA? Who made the most money the prospector that bought the tools and maps or the guy that sold them the tools and maps?

You would never scam anyone in a million years. But there are people out there advertising schemes, who delight in taking your money for nothing in return. You just have to be wary.

Well that is the bad news. But how do you avoid falling for these scams. You need to educate yourself and look for the warning signs some of which I have mentioned.

Instead look through the Internet for people who will offer you education without cost or any catch. Usually through their blogs. Start with FREE reading and test out the ideas you come across. Especially those who are selling actual products rather than digital downloads.

You must understand that although I say that no true affiliate scheme will cost you money up front, there are still some costs. You have to buy a domain name. Perhaps you will have to pay someone to build you a website. Although, you can sign up for WordPress and use one of the thousands of free templates to build a site. You will have to pay for hosting so you can publish your website up on the Internet.

You can always look for reviews of the affiliate scheme you are considering. Be careful how you read those reviews from partners. The same goes for any books or tools you are considering purchasing. In reading the reviews ask yourself is this person talking like someone who has purchased or is using this product? Or is it written like marketing speak.

Many promoters have a circle of friends who each review one and an others products to get them off to a flying start.

Just switch on your Sensible hat and remember it is your money you are spending. Ask yourself will I really use this tool/method in the next thirty days? Do not just buy a product because the author says it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Do not dragged in by the promise of riches. Everyone thinks that their product is the best you can buy. Just as every parent thinks that their baby should win every baby contest. People do over inflate the income potential to get their message across. Beware of generalities.

Anyone can make a nice living from affiliate marketing

The biggest way to avoid scams is not to let yourself become over excited by the hype. People like to use this when describing potential income as an affiliate marketer.

Most people who attempt it will not make a successful and lucrative career out of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately 98% of those why try fail to do so. Have realistic expectations, be willing to work hard and stay totally committed.

Looking for professional affiliate schemes it is always worthwhile to look up affiliate networks such as Amazon; Commission Junction; ClickBank; Infoshare; Share a Sale

If you take this article as a guide I am convinced that you will have the same success as I have had in the world of Affiliate Marketing.

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