There are so many pieces of software and tools available on the Internet today that it is very confusing to anyone just starting out trying to establish a business of their own.

This article sets out one person cannot do without philosophy. It does this totally reflect my philosophy but I promised to give you information from all over the web if I deemed it to be of use and genuine.

This is an article from a blog calledWomen on Business. Susan Gunelius, the owner of the site, shares my philosophy in freely giving information that will help her readers to succeed. And men do not be shy the tips and guidance you gain from Women on Business are also very relevant for the weaker sex – that’s us guys!






Susan says:-

I get emails all the time asking me what business, marketing, and web tools and applications I use for my Women on Business and my marketing company, KeySplash Creative, running. Rather than continually retyping the same email message, I put together this article to share all of the tools I recommend in one place.

These are the web tools and applications that I use every day (or close to every day) for myself or for my clients. They are also the tools I can not live without. I love them all for different reasons and included some of that information below. What are your favourite tools? Leave a comment below and share yours!

Many of the links to the business, marketing, and web tools in this post are affiliate links, which means Women on Business might earn a small amount if you make a purchase. None of the fees charged by any of these providers has been increased to compensate Women on Business in any way. Of course, you do not have to use any of these links, but if you do, thank you so much for supporting Women on Business. Every little bit helps to keep the site running!

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