affiliate marketing

What do you know about Affiliate Marketing?

This is the question asked by many new individuals who have decided to try to earn a living from Internet companies.

There are so many website advertisers offering an affiliate scheme that it is hard to identify what is and what is not a scam. Especially when there are schemes that offer commission for introducing people below you. Is that a pyramid scheme?

The first thing you should note is that genuine affiliate schemes will not have a fee to join the program. The only money involved is when they send you commission for your sales.

For example: even with those schemes that offer a commission payment for introductions. You should only get commission on the sales of your introduction not part of any fee they paid to join the scheme.

So watch out if a scheme is asking you for a payment up-front for their ‘Affiliates Scheme’. Even those that provide a ‘Website’ as part of their package. Which is usually a template shared by everyone who joins. You will also have to pay for an extra hosting fee. Click onto another site and do not return. A true affiliate program never charges a ‘Fee’.

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